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Majority of the people use the internet to acquire the desired information. Obtaining this information is done primarily through the numerous search engines available. Google and Baidu are the two most significant search engines in the world.

Since most people have resulted to using search engines, it has resulted in the bulk of traffic emanating from search queries. As such, it is paramount for a business to make their websites visible on these search engines.

The process through which a site’s visibility and ranking are affected is referred to as search engine optimization. However, numerous factors have an impact on a website ranking.

Server Overload

The server plays a crucial role when it comes to website ranking. Any form of overload on a server might crash the site in case of sudden traffic hike. It is even worse when one has to share a server with other websites as one may suffer from “bad neighbor effect’. Having a dedicated server can help solve this effect.

Poor Website Design

When it comes to website ranking, a poorly done website and carelessly placed ad will have a negative impact. This is because search engines (Google) have parameters that are used to demote sites which have below average consumer experience. However, there are tools that can be used to help handle such challenges. For example, one can use ad optimization to help them place ads while retaining site elegance.


People are continuously talking about sites being mobile-friendly. This is because responsive website is becoming an important SEO factor due to increase in mobile-driven traffic. As such, publishers need to consider some factors such as font and menu as more people are relying on phones to get the content.

Lack of Adequate Linking

The quality and quantity of links that lead back to a particular website help Google determine how authoritative a site is. However, it is not just about getting high-quality links but also getting relevant links. One should aim at building a link from relevant and authoritative sites. This ensures that all links leading back to your site are from the same niche and industry.

Page Authority

This is one of the main factors that a website owner should be mindful about as it highly impacts on ranking. It refers to the credibility of a page as far as Google spiders are concerned. Quality and quantity of links leading back to the website determine its authority. One can increase authority by reaching out to bloggers or website owners who enjoy untapped authority.

Length of the Content

Content is a major factor when it comes to website ranking. This should not appear as a surprise as marketing machines are driven by content. However, due to white noise on Google, one should come up with ways to help them navigate past this and rank higher.

Time Spent on the Page

The more time one spends on your page, the better. This is because Google assumes that the page is informative if people spend more time on them. Adding bucket brigades and compelling headings can help you solve the time issue.

Domain Authority

It plays a crucial role when it comes to website rating. The better the domain, the higher the rating. People believe there is no way one can increase their domain authority. However, one can extend the expiry date of the domain to show the site is trustworthy.


Keywords are a must if one aims at having the site rank high. They should be used at the beginning of a title tag to have more weight. This helps Google spider figure out a page’s content fast.

Optimized Content

It affects website ranking in a minor way. Increasing content length helps in raising the ranking of a website. However, one should not stuff keywords to attain a certain length as it might jeopardize ranking.


One has to work hard to attain the desired ranking. Solving the factors above will help increase ranking. However, people should know that it takes time to reach this ranking. This is because factors work most of the times differently.


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