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Given the current digital marketing landscape businesses online presence might be more beneficial than having an active online presence. This has forced businesses to set aside amount to be used in the subsequent marketing strategy. Online presence helps covert leads into sales. For a company to have a well-deigned website is not a challenging task. However, one has understand the goal and objectives of a company to have a meticulously designed website. The need to stay ahead of competition and serve customers in different geographical area has led to increase in web designs. There are several factors one should consider before commencing on a web design process.

SEO Optimization

In the age of digital marketing it is not possible for a business to thrive without a SEO. SEO is a must have for any business as it ensures the site is discovered and indexed by the right customers and search engines. As such, businesses are recommended to use trustworthy SEO agency to avoid unethical practices that might lead to penalties over time.


Website designing is an expensive affair. This becomes a major concern for most small businesses. It leads to most of the businesses opting for the cheapest option which usually is a risky move. A website is a business’s virtual office and one should not be afraid of making the investment. A business owner should work with an SEO agency as they can advise on what website best suits your budget.

Mobile Friendliness

Mobile-driven traffic is on the rise with most customers using their phones to view websites. Customers will not hesitate to moving to a competitor if a website is taking time to respond. As such, a website should load easily across all devices.


Sensitive data can be lost in the blink of an eye if care is not taken. Ensure that you acquire a valid SSL certificate for your site. This is because encryption technology will protect your data even if a hacker gains access into it. Customers are getting smarter when carrying out online transactions and will rarely enter personal information on a site that lacks optimum security features. Adding reviews and testimonials on your site can also help to build trust.


Your business and website can’t exist without your audience. Conducting research on your target audience and market will help you to put things in perspective. Find out the issues that are bothering them and proffer lasting solutions. This is the key to providing relevant content and reaching a wider audience.

There is nothing wrong in delving into the areas that your competitors are yet to cover. Try to create buyer personas before designing your website and marketing plan.


A good website is always changing. New content is added based on user feedback or fresh articles provided to encourage new conversations. Understand that designing a website isn’t something you do once and forget, it is a successful ongoing process.

Website speed can make or break your entire company. Despite the insane technology involved with connecting people to various pages all around the world, if the page doesn’t load within three to five seconds, users will go mad. They will likely exit your web page and never return, causing you to lose out on their potential business.

Users are very picky. Even if your webpage is easily accessible, functions well, works quickly, and looks great, they still won’t be pleased unless you have compelling and engaging content on your site. Content marketing plays a major role in any company’s advertising campaign. People much prefer video content over written, which is why content video views have exceeded 50 billion views per month.


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